October 21, 2016
    The Freedom of the Skillz

    OCTOBER 21ST – 23RD, 2016 // RAMPART HOSTEL // The first camp of this season is where shredders will get together with professionals for the best prep course out there to set us all up for a big year. This is the get together, to get it, before we all get after it. Got it?

    December 1, 2016

    DECEMBER 1TH – 5TH, 2016 // BLANKET GLACIER CHALET // Think you can keep up? We’re not kidding when we say we’re going shredding. Welcome to the best opening to a season yet! Bring your A-game...and a headlamp then expect to use it on the way home every night... Serious. oh ya and NEVER SHOW  More...

    December 9, 2016
    BL-AST Level 2

    BLANKET GLACIER CHALET & ROGERS PASS // Set yourself up for success. With small group numbers and in terrain you've never been before. This is how you take your AST 2 experience to the next level.

    December 17, 2016
    Pillow Talk – How to Talk to Girls

    DEC 17-21 // BLANKET GLACIER CHALET // Kick-ass early season get away to get after it.

    December 21, 2016
    How to be a Young Person that Older People Respect

    DECEMBER 21–24, 2016 // BLANKET GLACIER CHALET // A Young Gunz Backcountry and Avalanche Skillz Camp (parents, disregard the use of the letter Z) that teaches the skills, knowledge and respect it takes to make grown-up decisions in a remote, uncontrolled, backcountry playground. Ages 15 and up

    January 19, 2017
    Wheeler Squealer

    JAN 19-22 // WHEELER HUT, ROGERS PASS // This is an educational action packed trip for any hand gesture (ability). We’ve got the whole hut to ourselves with a crew that calls these mountains their home turf. Learn the pass, how to move through it and where its at for the best possible shredding!

    February 26, 2017

    Feb 26th - March 4th, 2017 // SNOWY MOUNTAIN LODGE // An intensive Backcountry and Avalanche Skills training course. We saw the need for it, so we just created it! Call it what you want: an AST 3 or a professional Operational Level 1 for the recreationalist? Nothing like this exists, until now.

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